The Focal Point

The Focal Point refers to the iconic feature(s) at The Point. Many details like the exact size, quantity, location, scope, scale, themes, etc. of the iconic feature(s) still need to be determined. The Focal Point will be an important and highly visible part of The Point, attracting visitors from around the world and right here at home. 

On July 12, 2022, the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority released a statewide public survey to gather input from Utahns regarding what they want for The Focal Point. Nearly 1,800 Utahns took the survey, with a majority of them expressing clear support for a large architectural structure and a series of public art pieces dispersed in easily accessible parks at The Point. Many Utahns would like the public art pieces to be designed by local artists and reflect uniquely Utah themes. 

As The Focal Point comes into clearer focus, we’d like to hear from you! Submit your ideas via the link below:

In the coming months, the Land Authority will conduct a grassroots public engagement effort to gather input from Utahns on the criteria to be used during a public design contest for the iconic feature. Just like The Point, the iconic feature will become known globally and loved locally, undoubtedly attracting visitors from right here at home and around the world. More information about this grassroots effort will be available in the coming weeks.