The framework plan process started in January 2021. Under the board’s direction, the planning team conducted a thorough site evaluation, researched its history, assessed the results of prior public input, assembled existing plans and studies of the site and surrounding areas, and performed transportation, land use and economic development modeling.


The team has created concepts that identify different possible approaches to future development. Sophisticated analytical tools have revealed how the concepts will perform relative to key economic and quality of life measures. Public input is being seriously considered when evaluating various scenario components such as urban design, transportation and other infrastructure, parks and trails, recreation, shopping, housing, office space and much more.


After the concepts were thoroughly vetted and the public had a chance to weigh in, the planning team refined them to create a preferred alternative for further public consideration. This preferred alternative included a combination of components from all or some of the different concepts, with a goal of identifying strategies that best meet key performance goals.


After the preferred alternative was identified and refined, the planning team created and the board adopted a final framework plan. The Point Framework Plan provides a framework for development, with built-in flexibility to accommodate changes in future market conditions, public input, and other variables.