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What could be included in development on former state prison land

After years of development, there’s now a man in charge of development that will happen in Draper when the Utah State Prison is relocated.


Point Authority is looking for ideas 'equal to the opportunity'

What should the 700-acre Utah State Prison site look like after the prison shifts to a new location a few miles north? Officials working on its planning want to hear ideas.


Planning officials outline transportation efforts to accommodate Utah County growth

Adequately investing in and planning for future transportation infrastructure is a critical aspect of ensuring that growth in Utah County and along the Wasatch Front is sustainable, planning officials told state lawmakers Wednesday.


Funding for public transit will be big challenge over 30-year horizon

The year 2050 seems like a long way off. But it’s really not. It’s definitely within sight.


A Space Needle, Eiffel Tower or the Jetsons in Draper? Why not think big?

Would you pay for something like an Eiffel Tower or a Space Needle in Draper? What if it were planned in such a way that it became an international tourist attraction and still didn’t clog the freeway near the Point of the Mountain?


New Survey Seeks Ideas For Prison Site Redevelopment

State and local leaders said creating a redevelopment plan for the prison site at the Point of the Mountain is one of the most important economic opportunities in Utah’s history.


Public input sought for development of 700-acre prison site

A new Utah State Prison is set to open in 2022, and the current site of the prison—in the area known locally as “The Point of the Mountain”—is poised to become one of the most significant economic development opportunities in the state’s history.


Redevelopment plans underway for Draper land once state prison moves

Located near the Point of the Mountain and Silicon Slopes, experts say “The Point” land is prime real estate for something spectacular.


The Point looks to bring sustainability and expansion to Utah State Prison site

Nestled next to the Utah and Salt Lake County border, near the bustling Silicon Slopes, is the Utah State Prison in Draper. With a new correctional facility being built in Salt Lake City, the 700 acre state-owned property is a prime spot for redevelopment, and it is planned to become available in mid-2022.


The Point: Turning a prison into a green development

The 700-acre prison site in Draper officials named ‘The Point’ is set to become the greenest, most innovative development in Utah if planners get their way.


Redevelopment plans underway for Draper land once state prison moves

Major efforts kicked off Monday to redevelop the 700-acres of state-owned property at the Utah State Prison in Draper.


When it comes to repurposing prison site, Cox says it’s time to ‘think big’

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, co-chairman of the state panel tasked with repurposing the 700-acre parcel, said being able to envision and execute a clean-slate plan for a public property of this size in one of the country’s fastest-growing areas is an unparalleled opportunity.


George Pyle: The Magic Kingdom in Happy Valley?

EPCOT, meet the Point of the Mountain. 


Planning process for State Prison site kicks off on Monday

The large project to redevelop the State Prison site in Draper will take a significant step forward on Monday, Sept. 14, with officials announcing the formal beginning of the planning process for the 700-acre site.


Being more densely populated doesn’t boost COVID-19 spread, a University of Utah study finds

Contrary to popular perception, densely populated U.S. city centers are not more prone to the spread of COVID-19, a newly released study by University of Utah researchers has concluded.


Over 20 years ago, Utah aimed for ‘quality growth’ as its population boomed. How has that turned out?

How should Utah handle a growing population? Especially as people fill up roads and neighborhoods, adding to worries about congestion, air pollution and what Utah might look like decades from now?

Why Utah has a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity unique to any other place in the world

It’s an opportunity that’s been described as “once in a generation,” “unprecedented” and “unlike anything, anywhere else.”

A. Scott Anderson: Point of the Mountain development is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Utah

 I might be showing my age, but I easily remember when the Point of the Mountain area overlapping Salt Lake and Utah counties was mostly farmland, interspersed with a few small “rural” towns like Riverton, Bluffdale, Herriman and Lehi.

Alan Matheson will leave Utah’s DEQ to oversee development of the Draper prison site

Utah’s Point of the Mountain Authority Board has hired a member of Gov. Gary Herbert’s Cabinet for a major role in what one official called “one of the largest economic development opportunities in our state’s history.”

The Preferred Vision Has Been Released!

We’ve worked with members of the public and a diverse range of stakeholders for over a year to develop the Preferred Vision for the Point of the Mountain, which was presented to the Point of the Mountain Development Commission on January 22nd, 2018, and will be shared with the legislature during the 2018 Legislative Session.


Phase Two Scenario Survey Release

The Phase Two Scenario Survey has been released and can be taken at The survey allows residents to weigh in on the best elements of five possible scenarios for how the region will develop, spanning topics from air quality and recreation to job growth and the economy.


Phase Two Baseline Scenario Brochure Release

The Point of the Mountain Development Commission is exploring different options to accommodate the growth and the implications of those choices. It is impossible to predict the future with complete accuracy, but this baseline scenario anticipates how the area could turn out in 2050 if we continue on our current path.