The Point of the Mountain State Land Authority (Land Authority) selected Innovation Point Partners (IPP) as the master developer for Phase One of The Point. IPP will oversee all development aspects of Phase One. The Land Authority and IPP anticipate that third parties (“proponents”) may propose projects outside of Phase One (“sub-campuses”) during Phase One development and have agreed to a standardized process to review such sub-campuses. Proponents may submit a proposal to the Land Authority or to IPP.

Submittals to the Land Authority:

Upon receiving a sub-campus proposal from a proponent, Land Authority staff will determine if it is consistent with the overall vision for the site. If consistent, the Land Authority will forward the proposal to IPP, who will have 30 days to determine if they will accommodate the proposal within Phase One or negotiate details of a sub-campus proposal with the proponent. This negotiation period will last up to 90 days with an option for a 90-day extension if IPP and the proponent agree. Any sub-campus agreement between IPP and the proponent must be approved by the Land Authority. If IPP declines to negotiate or IPP and the proponent fail to reach agreement, the proponent may present its sub-campus proposal directly to the Land Authority Board, which may approve or deny the proposal following its project proposal evaluation process.

Submittals to IPP:

A proponent may submit a proposal directly to IPP. IPP may incorporate such proposal into Phase One without Land Authority approval, or submit the proposal to the Land Authority to be reviewed as a sub-campus under its project proposal evaluation process. Additional details regarding the sub-campus process, timeline and project placement will be provided to proponents whose projects are deemed consistent with the vision for The Point.

All submissions will be made electronically to Don Willie, Operations Director at The Point, at

Any inquiries about the development proposal review process may be sent to