Framework Plan

The Land Authority is proactively planning for the future of The Point by creating a framework plan. The plan will provide direction for future site use, while allowing for flexibility to respond to changing conditions. The Point is owned by all Utahns so everyone will have the opportunity to help plan the site. Don’t forget to take our survey and attend our open houses. More information about how to get involved is available here.


In December 2020, The Point of the Mountain State Land Authority selected an internationally recognized planning firm to create a framework draft plan for The Point. The framework draft plan will provide certainty regarding specific land uses on the site while allowing for flexibility due to future changing conditions. 

Public Engagement – Help Us Plan The Point!

Because The Point is owned by all Utahns, Utahns will continue to have meaningful opportunities to participate in planning the site. We are committed to working closely with local communities, businesses, organizations and other stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes.

Draft Plan

The Point’s five working groups created Key Vision Elements that have provided the basis for preliminary concepts developed for the draft plan.


Our planning experts have researched development projects around the world. They’ve taken the best and brightest ideas from these projects and translated them into specific actions for The Point.