The Hub

The Hub is the first phase of development at The Point and will serve as a catalyst for the site. Located at the heart of The Point, this key area of the site will be a hub of activity, a hub of industry and innovation and a hub of economic opportunity. It’s reflective of Utahns’ vision and includes a pedestrian priority area, a Central Park, regional trail connections, transit-oriented development, a balanced mix of jobs and housing, retail, shopping and entertainment and so much more. The exact details of The Hub are still being worked out and we will share additional information as plans develop further.

The Hub - Map

The Hub - Mixed Use

The Hub - Pedestrian Priority

The Hub - Transportation


The Land Authority has selected Lincoln Property Company (Lincoln), a top national developer, and their local partners, Colmena Group (Colmena) and Wadsworth Development Group (Wadsworth), to help build The Hub at The Point. The announcement comes after a competitive selection process to identify a partner with experience building large-scale, sustainable communities. 

 The Lincoln-Colmena-Wadsworth team brings decades of experience developing transformative, leading-edge projects centered around the culture and values of the communities they serve. By leveraging Lincoln’s national development expertise and tapping into the team’s critical local knowledge, Lincoln-Colmena-Wadsworth will deliver a vibrant development that enhances Utahns’ quality of life for generations.