The Point of the Mountain State Land Authority (Land Authority) is seeking input from interested developers through a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI). An RFEI is a document that assesses interest in a project and solicits useful information from interested stakeholders.

Participation in the RFEI process does not automatically enter a developer into a future RFQ/RFP process. In addition, lack of participation in the RFEI process does NOT preclude developers from submitting qualifications and/or proposals as part of a future RFQ/RFP process.

Request for
Expressions of Interest



The Land Authority will endeavor to speak to as many qualified candidates as possible that express interest in the project, submit complete materials, and are deemed qualified based on the criteria above. In the event that more qualified responses are received than the Land Authority can reasonably have discussions with during the framework planning process, the most qualified responses will be prioritized. Candidates not selected for discussions during the RFEI process will not be precluded from submitting in the RFQ/RFP if they meet the qualifications described in the future solicitation requests.

Responses to the RFEI will be scored to determine which candidates are deemed qualified to participate in the RFEI discussions. Qualified candidates will demonstrate:

– Multiple examples of successful large-scale, mixed-use developments for which they were the master developer

– Multiple examples of district-level site planning and infrastructure development led by the candidate

– Firm longevity and/or depth of experience of key team members

– Financial strength, relationships, and capacity to execute on large-scale land development

– Proven success working in a public-private partnership context, especially under creative deal structures that provide public benefits (demonstrated by providing a brief description of the deal structure in previous P3 engagements)

Candidates’ submissions will be scored relative to the points indicated for each of these criteria. Submissions receiving 75 or more points will be considered “qualified” for purposes of this RFEI. The list of firms deemed to be qualified will be posted at by April 22, 2021. The Land Authority will contact the qualified candidates individually to schedule interviews.



The Land Authority invites experienced master developers who may have interest in pursuing the RFQ/RFP to submit their qualifications in order to initiate discussions with the Land Authority. The Land Authority will seek input from those deemed qualified candidates on the proposed deal structure and the framework master plan prior to its completion. The framework master plan will be the guiding document for future detailed master planning and development efforts, and developer input is crucial to producing a plan that can be implemented by the State, the Land Authority, potential institutional and public partners, and the private sector. Potential discussion topics include but are not limited to the following:

– How to break the site into logical districts;
– The distribution of infrastructure and site development responsibilities between the State and future development partners;
– How much different land uses should be mixed within districts as opposed to being separated;
– Different transaction structure opportunities (lease or sale, and other variations) and the impact
on achieving the key vision elements and framework plan options; and
– Outstanding questions that developers believe need to be answered prior to moving to the RFQ/RFP


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